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Political Banter on Health Care Divorced from VT's Reality

December 01, 2015

We thought you would be interested in this editorial that ran recently in the St. Albans Messenger.

Political banter on health care divorced from Vt.'s reality
By Emerson Lynn
"The safest target for any politician is the company that is profitable and the
person[s] running it. In Vermont, that target has become the hospital and its
There is a lot to understand in the present health care environment. Particularly in
Vermont. But the conversation that is happening on the political front is almost
completely divorced from the conversation that is happening between the state and
the federal government on the pending all-payer model currently being negotiated.
However this evolves, it remains that for Vermont to be successful requires our
health care institutions to be vibrant and prosperous. Strength isn't a pejorative."


Click here to read the full piece