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Open Enrollment Season Is Approaching

October 08, 2017

The open enrollment season is rapidly approaching. Ever since the expansion of health insurance coverage through the Affordable Care Act, hospitals throughout Vermont and across the country have shared information so that members of our communities know the health care options available to them.

This year, that work takes on renewed importance. The vast majority of federal funding previously used to promote and explain coverage through the state marketplaces is no longer available, and the federal government has significantly curtailed its outreach. This means fewer commercials and web ads and other notifications to people who are uninsured or seeking insurance. We are fortunate in Vermont to have a very high rate of health care coverage but people still change jobs and experience life circumstances that can immediately qualify them for coverage they didn’t necessarily know about.

And there are always individuals and families who simply fall through the cracks and need another reminder that affordable insurance is probably within reach. To help find and inform our families, colleagues, friends and neighbors, please make use of these resources (from AHA and state and FamiliesUSA) ... and contact VAHHS at any time to assist with your enrollment and awareness work.

Thanks for your help maintaining and building health coverage in Vermont.