VAHHS Network Services Organization (NSO)

Who We Are

The Vermont Association of Hospitals and Health Systems Network Services Organization provides data services to health care providers in support of their work toward financial sustainability, quality improvement and health care reform. VAHHS-NSO has supported hospital discharge data for the State of Vermont for more than 25 years.

With data from all Vermont hospitals, VAHHS-NSO is uniquely positioned to provide comparative analysis to the entire Vermont hospital system, adding insight into performance and trends.

What we can do for you:

In addition to serving our members, NSO assists with the following:

To learn more about how the VAHHS Network Services Organization can assist you, contact Matt at (802) 223-3461, extension 108, or 

Market Share

Show the potential loss (“leakage”) resulting from patients in your area seeking care at other Vermont hospitals.  Summary by quarter over any year surfaces potential trends. Detail by DRG code allows you to focus on a specific procedure group and includes the facility where the patient received care.

Health Care Reform and Quality

Are your readmission rates in line with your goals? Leveraging data collection from all Vermont hospitals, the readmission report will assist in understanding patient readmission trends. Details levels include comparison against CAH and PPS hospital groups as well as patient ID.

Health Care Policy Initiatives

How can your hospital respond to new and ever-changing health care policy initiatives? Using policy analysis from all Vermont hospitals NSO data provides insight into performance and trends, best practices and more.