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National Hospital Week and Nurses Day

May 04, 2018

Happy Hospital Week!

Health care providers have an awesome set of responsibilities – they save lives, repair injuries, tend to families, and must always innovate and improve. Increasingly, hospitals are even more. They are also reform leaders and problem solvers. They work to feed kids and minimize or mitigate adverse childhood events. They create and nurture accountable health communities that drive real results. They address the social determinants of health, not just inside their walls but well beyond them.

The theme of Hospital Week is “Caring is our Calling.” Certainly true in Vermont, where our #1 ranked health care system achieves the best results precisely because caring is our shared calling. This is no small feat: our dedicated group of physicians and nurses, lab technicians and support staff, facilities teams, IT experts, nutritionists, social workers, home health providers, therapists, accountants, communicators—the list goes on and on—together make Vermont’s health system thrive.

We should be proud of that collaboration and what we achieve together—and at the same time realistic about the challenges ahead, including our fractured mental health system and the workforce shortage.

There will always be problems to solve and innovations to lead—we will be there to do both. But during Hospital Week, please take a moment also to be proud. Proud of the work you do to change lives, serve people, create safer communities and build strategic partnerships.

Let’s be proud of charting our state’s health future with the All-Payer Model and value-based, coordinated care. Let’s be proud of our network of hospitals for working together, staying together and advocating together. Again, no small feat.

Our potential here is limited only by our imagination and determination—and neither are in short supply in Vermont. Also, this week health care leaders from across the country will gather at the American Hospital Association’s annual meeting in DC. I look forward to connecting with colleagues from around the country and hopefully gathering some ideas to bring back here. I’ll certainly follow up with a report from the meeting.

Have a great Hospital Week, and thanks as always for the work you do to make Vermont vibrant and healthy!