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Statement Regarding Green Mountain Care Board Hospital Budget Decisions

September 15, 2018

Statement of Vermont Association of Hospitals and Health Systems President Jeff Tieman:

“System-wide, Vermont’s hospitals have again developed budgets that make health care more affordable while maintaining high quality care. VAHHS is concerned that the GMCB’s FY 2019 budget decisions create uncertainty about whether hospitals have the resources necessary to provide patient services, advance health care reform and address community need.

“While each hospital has its own unique set of circumstances and story to tell, collectively, we continue to make important and measurable progress for our patients and communities.”


To learn more about the hospitals budgets and to review individual submissions, visit: http://gmcboard.vermont.gov/content/fy19-individual-hospital-budget-information

About Vermont Association of Hospitals and Health Systems (VAHHS
VAHHS is the state association representing Vermont’s 15 not-for-profit hospitals. The association advocates locally and nationally on behalf of its members on health care and public policy issues.  As community members, partners and builders, Vermont’s hospitals are committed to providing access to high-quality care, while advancing health care reforms to improve the lives of our patients, families and communities. Our efforts center around supporting the collaboration of Vermont hospitals to make Vermont a healthier and stronger place.