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Happy Town Meeting Week! The legislators are home this week to get input from their constituents and take a well-deserved break before the big crossover push. Here is where they left things:
Rise and Legislate! by Devon Green, VP of Government Relations   When Rep. Fagan from the House Appropriations Committee asked me to quickly pull together all of our chief nursing officers to discuss workforce and increasing clinical education opportunities, I knew it was a tall order. Our chief nursing…
Happy Valentine’s Day! Every year, just as the legislative grind is really hitting, Montpelier pulls off a small miracle and covers itself in hearts. Thank you to the forces behind this effort—it never fails to make me smile.
Last week, Vermont officially implemented the Nurse Licensure Compact. This licensure compact came after years of advocacy from VAHHS and other health care provider associations, as well as extensive work from the Office of Professional Regulation. It is all too easy to jump to the next emerging policy issue without taking a beat to properly acknowledge this type of accomplishment. I want to thank all those in the legislature and at the Office of Professional Regulation who made this happen!
When I think of sustainability, the first thing that comes to mind is partnership. Whether it is a marriage or a mission, a policy or a plan, making it sustainable requires collaboration. Rarely does major progress occur because someone acted alone.
I get it. No one wants to talk about COVID anymore. Let’s put this thing in the rearview mirror and move on with our lives, but a lot of the health care workers I’m talking to are more demoralized than ever as we continue to deal with capacity issues and various shortages from COVID therapeutics to blood. If you encounter someone in the health care field, please give them a kind word.
Like most other states, Vermont is experiencing a severe and growing blood shortage. Please visit to find blood drives in your area and donate if you can!
Most of my recent columns have been about COVID, which makes sense given it has been such a dominant feature of our lives for two plus years now. Today, I write about another deeply concerning, but really important, issue: the Green Mountain Care Board and its role in our health care system.
A State House Divided… Late last week, the House overwhelmingly voted to return in person tomorrow with exemptions for those who request it. The Senate will continue to work remotely. How will this hybrid legislating work? What will happen to all of the non-legislator denizens? Will this allow more or less transparency and access? Stay tuned!
There are few places in the U.S. today where partisanship isn’t front and center, too often clouding common sense and derailing progress on critical issues. Given the state of affairs in Washington and the stress of our third year managing a pandemic, it was hopeful last week to see some unity and common purpose in our corner of the country.