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GMCB Meets to Discuss Strategies to Reduce Cost and Improve Quality

January 20, 2019

On January 16, the GMCB and presenters from Gunderson Health, Copley Hospital and the University of Vermont Medical Center met to share strategies to reduce cost and improve quality. Rachel Albrecht, Administrative Director, Orthopedics, Podiatry, & Outpatient Therapies, Gundersen Health System provided an overview of how value-based payments are changing the way care is delivered within the orthopedics department at Gunderson. The keys to Gunderson’s success relied on timely and accurate data, transparency of information, sharing lessons learned and opportunities in a no-fault environment.  For the full presentation click here.

John Macy, MD, Chief of Orthopedics and Orthopedic Surgeon, and Brian Aros, MD, Chair, Department of Surgery and Orthopedic Surgeon, both from Mansfield Orthopedics and Copley Hospital, were able to provide valuable insights on actual delivery of surgical care for orthopedics patients. The Copley team identified the importance of pre- and post-operative education and how it is a critical part of patient-centered care. Dr. Macy noted that it is an ongoing challenge for small hospitals to secure and maintain the necessary resources for comprehensive data analytics. Dr. Aros acknowledged the longstanding work of Dr. Bryan Huber and how the team has been able to decrease the length of stay for total joint patients and the fact that the majority of partial joint replacement patients go home the same day.

Stephen Leffler, MD, Chief Population Health and Quality Officer, University of Vermont Medical Center, outlined the importance of reducing variation and improving efficiency while maintaining high quality as an essential part of transitioning to a value-based payment system, which is about keeping the population healthier. Within the discussion Dr. Leffler provided a specific example related to chest pain protocol and how changing the way care is delivered can lead to both better outcomes for patients and cost savings for the organization. For the full presentation click here.