Mike Del Trecco steps in as interim President and CEO of VAHHS


Mike Del Trecco steps in as interim President and CEO of VAHHS
My name is Mike Del Trecco and I recently stepped in as interim president and CEO of VAHHS. Many of you who are regular readers of VAHHS Update and followers of hospitals in Vermont know me from my nearly 18 years at VAHHS leading efforts to support our hospitals. On the personal side, I live in Essex with my wife Donna, a nurse, and our two kids, Jeffrey and Jillian. I enjoy all that Vermont has to offer—especially spending time exploring the back woods of the Northeast Kingdom.
I am honored by the opportunity to serve in this new role, and I recognize that we are at a pivotal place in health care. I believe in the mission of our organization, and I know how important your local hospitals are to you and your communities.
Just four days into my role I had the opportunity address the issue of violence that is taking place within our health care organizations. As I related in recent media interviews, violence of any type is not acceptable. The increase in acts of violence, however, is just one example of the difficult issues that we are facing in health care.
As a state and as a society, we are at a crucial moment. Each challenge—whether it be health care, housing, mental health, childcare, workforce, substance misuse, violence, the economy or the environment—is connected to the last. We cannot make progress on one without addressing the others.
Over the next several months, our hospitals, like so many important institutions, will need your support and the support of the state administration, regulatory agencies, legislature and local communities to re-build and stabilize after a very difficult two years. This is a time for collaboration and we all must work together to make sure our hospitals and Vermonters come out of this challenging time stronger than ever.
For its part, VAHHS will be at the table with a spirit of teamwork and creativity to help navigate these important issues.
I love Vermont for so many reasons, but among them is that we live in a place where we can roll up our sleeves, assess a problem and then get to work on solutions that work for all of us.
Thanks for listening and I look forward to working with you in the coming months.