Legislative Update 6-8-20

by Devon Green
Vice President of Government Relations
June has turned into all the ups and downs of an entire session as legislators craft an enormous appropriation from the $1.25 billion Coronavirus Relief Fund within the span of one month.  

Last Week

Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF): VAHHS and the coalition of health care provider associations advocated for a simple, needs-based distribution of CRF funding, noting the current financial position of providers and the potential for rapidly evolving circumstances in the form of further outbreaks or federal funding.
Secretary Mike Smith presented a proposal for providing $333 million to providers through a needs-based assessment focused on impacts of business disruption, increased expenses, and state and federal funding already received. 
In a memo to the House Health Care Committee, Speaker Mitzi Johnson allocated $225 million towards health care using a tiered approach—$150 million for immediate allocation towards committee priorities and $75 million to be determined later. 
Hospital Disciplinary Reporting: The Senate passed H.438, a bill on the Board of Medical Practice and the licensure of physicians and podiatrists that clarifies requirements for hospital disciplinary reporting. It will now go to the governor’s desk.
This Week
Coronavirus Relief Fund: The House will continue to develop a spending proposal for the CRF funding.