Legislative Update 5.2.22



This is the point in the session where anything I write could change completely in the next hour, so I will keep things short and sweet. Fingers crossed, knocking on wood, and just about every other lucky and/or superstitious gesture that this is the last week. Good luck, all!
Workforce: With the Senate delaying and diluting the nurse workforce provisions in H.703, the House has restored its original nurse workforce initiatives in S.11, a bill that previously prohibited robocalls. VAHHS wholeheartedly supports this effort.
Health Care Reform: The House reduced the amount of funding the Agency of Human Services would receive for All-Payer Model planning in S.285 from $1.4 million to $900,000 with the understanding that the Agency could get federal matching funds to make up the difference. The House will have a final vote on the bill this week.
Prescription Drugs: The Senate Health and Welfare Committee took out the quality and safety requirements around “white bagging” and “brown bagging” prescription drugs in H.353, but prohibited health insurers from requiring the practice.