Legislative Update 5.15.23


Devon Green, VP of Government Relations
Legislative Update
Just when it seems impossible, the legislative session is wrapping up according to schedule. Many issues hang in the balance, such as universal childcare and the FY ’24 budget, but our legislative priorities looking to help stabilize hospitals and maintain access for patients look to be heading to the governor’s desk:
  • Public safety via workplace violence protections
  • Mental health in the form of mobile crisis units, adolescent inpatient care, and alternatives to emergency departments
  • Workforce initiatives, including $3 million for nursing forgivable loan program and $3.8 million for critical occupation scholarships
  • Stability initiatives, such as increasing Medicaid primary care rates to 110% of Medicare and increasing Medicaid specialty rates by 3.8%
Still holding my breath and knocking on my office’s wood window frame right now, but I want to thank all the legislators for their hard work. None of this is easy, and we appreciate your support so that we can better serve our communities.
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