Legislative Update 1.9.2023

Devon Green, VP of Government Relations

It was a relief to witness a relatively smooth opening to the legislative session here in Vermont. As with anything, there were one or two bumps in the road, including a discussion about how mental health should not be differentiated from health. As legislators came together to address the issue, I appreciated Rep. Brian Cina’s words:

"For the new members, this happens sometimes. Part of the beauty of the process is that it’s deliberative and there are many ways that we can correct things as they go along. We’re humans. None of us are perfect. We all are flawed. We all make mistakes."

I love this about the legislative process in Vermont. It is never going to be perfect because it consists of inherently flawed humans. Despite this, we come back year after year in a collective effort to move our communities and our state forward.

This year, VAHHS is putting forward initiatives to keep health care providers safe, strengthen mental health and long term care, and preserve regulatory flexibilities so our hospitals can better serve their communities. Health care everywhere is at a breaking point, and addressing these areas can help stabilize the system so we can better provide care to all Vermonters. VAHHS looks forward to engaging with community members, policy makers, and providers throughout this imperfect effort towards progress we call the legislative session.