Get Covered 2021

by Jeff Tieman
VAHHS President and CEO
As you know, VAHHS has long been a champion of mask-wearing. There's another way we want Vermonters to get covered—by health insurance.
America is in the middle of the worst health crisis in modern history. It has caused an economic crisis as well. Millions of people have lost their jobs and precious health insurance benefits.
While Vermont continues to have one of the lowest uninsured rates in the country, many people still lack complete or affordable coverage. Sometimes those who need coverage are eligible for assistance. 
Vermont, along with the American Hospital Association, has signed onto Get Covered 2021, a broad coalition of states, consumer groups and health care providers promoting coverage ahead of the 2021 open enrollment period. We want to broadcast both COVID-19 safe practices, like mask wearing, and the importance of accessing insurance coverage.
Acting together, let’s connect uninsured people with the resources and financial help they need to obtain coverage through state marketplaces or Medicaid. If you know someone who needs health coverage, please urge them to visit There they will find tips for choosing the right plan and information on enrollment and subsidies in their state. If the person you know is a Vermonter, you can also point them to Vermont Health Connect.
Thank you for helping to keep Vermonters and all Americans safe during the pandemic and prepared for their health needs. 
Jeff Tieman
VAHHS President and CEO