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ACA Repeal Vote

May 04, 2017

Below is a statement from Jeff Tieman, President and CEO of VAHHS, regarding today's vote by the U.S. House of Representatives to pass the Affordable Health Care Act (AHCA)

The U.S. House of Representatives’ passage today of the Affordable Health Care Act (AHCA) is a major setback for health care in our country and threatens affordable coverage for people in Vermont and every other state.

The AHCA vote illustrates a constantly shifting federal landscape, making state support of health care coverage even more imperative. The vote comes just as our state’s legislature has proposed significant cuts to Disproportionate Share Hospital payments that help hospitals treat the most vulnerable people in our communities. The combination of these factors deepens the uncertainty faced by hospitals and patients. 

We hope Vermont’s legislative leaders will take quick notice of what happened today in D.C. and acknowledge the increasingly challenging environment for hospitals and the patients they serve.

Health care organizations of all stripes—from insurance companies to hospitals and doctors and everyone in between—came out against this measure. It had no support from the provider community. VAHHS forcefully opposes the passage of this bill and, along with the American Hospital Association and other partners, will continue to advocate against it in the Senate.