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Purpose and Mission

Vermont Association of Hospitals and Health Systems (VAHHS) is a member-owned organization comprised of Vermont’s network of not-for-profit hospitals. We are devoted to improving the health status of communities throughout Vermont. Our work includes advocacy, policy development, education and research.

Working with partners and stakeholders locally and nationally, VAHHS supports and contributes to policies that meet the association’s core principles of making health care more affordable, maintaining high quality care, providing universal access, and preserving the individual’s ability to choose their doctor and hospital.

We are deeply committed to health care reforms and policies that help us achieve those principles. Transforming our system to one that focuses on population health and value based care is essential to improving outcomes for patients and bringing down health care costs over time.

The VAHHS Board is comprised of the hospital CEOs of our member institutions as well as four hospital and health system trustees, and the President of VAHHS.We are located at 148 Main Street Montpelier, VT and have a staff of ten.


The Purposes of the Association

To assist our members to improve the health status of Vermonters.
To work with our members to improve the delivery of health care to Vermonters.
To influence the political, economic, social, and regulatory environment in ways which support the rational delivery of health care services to Vermonters.
To support coordination of our members' health care services with other health or social service organizations.



A financially sustainable, high quality, health care system accessible and affordable for all Vermonters.



To advocate for, lead and serve our members in their efforts to develop and sustain high quality health services for Vermonters.